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About the project

About the project

In response to the increased importance being placed on developing innovative ways to ensure that all children can communicate and express themselves, this project aims to develop innovative ways to use visual literacy in teaching in early years and progressing through primary education. There is a clear understanding of visual literacy as part of a comprehensive communication education (at all levels), therefore, our project primarily aims:

  • to address the challenge to increase key competences for children in order for them to fully participate in and contribute to society, by developing a robust and tangible methodology that employs methods to support development of basic skills through the use of visual communication/literacy techniques
  • to equip teaching and non-teaching staff with a range of skills, key principles and relevant methodologies to integrate and support communication through the use of visual literacy techniques and tools
  • to develop a set of training materials and best practice teaching activities which will support a wide range of settings across Europe and support integration of those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The project ultimately aims to develop applicable and teachable skills and materials which  build on sound principles of visual communication and literacy. Specifically it focuses on the use  of storytelling, digital narrative techniques, use of art and media and the outdoor to develop creative strategies for integrating all children especially those coming from a disadvantaged background in education.

The project foresees staff and pupils working together to develop a number of resources.

Staff will  engage in a number of joint training events in the UK, Poland, Spain and Italy which will then be cascaded to other staff in schools incorporating new methods, with pupils actively involved in developing work to share and showcase with their peers across the project countries.