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VITAL is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project which brings together the collective experience of five organisations from the UK, Italy, Poland and Spain.


Language Education and Partnerships (Ltd), in England, offers a range of educational and training services for learners, trainees and educators,  from foreign language and culture classes for learners of all ages to professional development training events for established and aspiring teachers and educators, both in the UK and in Europe.

Run by a small team of experts (with vast experience in the area of project delivery and management within European Programmes and National initiatives, including the delivery of residential courses, study visits and learners’ workshops), the work of LEAP Ltd is carried out over a large geographical area, from local and national events in the UK to events and collaborative projects in other European countries.

We strongly believe that when working in a collaborative manner, an individual’s creativity and success is enhanced through the collective knowledge and supportive process  of its team; a principle  which is applied in all of our activities, whether geared to teachers or learners.


CEIP Gloria Fuertes Alzira, in Spain, is a plurilingual school created 8 years ago by the government.
The main feature of the centre is that it is conducting a plurilingual experimental program. The program consists of teaching 80% of the curriculum in a foreign language. In our case, the foreign language is English which is combined with the other two official languages (Valencian and Spanish) to improve the communicative competence of the students and to learn the non-linguistic subjects as well.
The school is a diverse school with 19 different languages and cultures represented. Therefore, the linguistic and cultural diversity is an element that we take into account in our planning and activities.
We have a focus on developing the European dimension, in order to foster internationalisation of our centre , therefore, we have developed several e-twinning projects over several years.


Misiolandia is a pre-school located in central Poland in a town called Bydgoszcz.
Our kindergarten offers a warm and friendly environment where children feel like at home. We guarantee a teaching and training programme which includes the curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education, yet adapted to the needs and abilities of each child.
We offer our  pre-school children a wide variety of optional classes where they have the opportunity to explore, create and discover the pleasure of dancing, singing, acting, cooking, reading, football and learning foreign languages.
Our pre-school runs a program of extended English language teaching to young children which aims to further motivate and develop their communication skills.


Foundation Cresci@Mo, in Italy, was established  by the Municipality of Modena in order to manage, through an innovative model, schools and educational services aimed at age 0/6 years , collecting and developing the experience gained by the city of Modena in the organisation and management of services for children. Specifically it manages 10 pre-schools, for children aged from 3 to 6.
The goals of Foundation are the education of children, in order to develop their identity, autonomy, sense of citizenship and knowledge. It intends to improve their emotional, social and cognitive areas , respecting the development steps and  personal specificity.
The Foundation pursues the realisation of the right to education for all boys and girls, promoting the development of identity, autonomy, competence and sense of citizenship and enhancing emotional, cognitive and social dimensions, in accordance with the stages of development and individual needs.
The Foundation promotes the participation of staff, recognising the central role of educators and teachers in the construction and implementation of the educational project.  Parents are called to participate  in the educational projects of the schools and to co-operate and be an active part of school life. Parents are seen as an opportunity to stimulate, enhance and protect the involvement, participation and collaboration of families.
The vocational education of teachers is considered the most important instrument to guarantee the high level of services, as much as the collegiality.


Bridgewater Primary School, in England, is a warm and welcoming inclusive school at the heart of a vibrant community.  We strive to provide inspirational learning and teaching so that every child can achieve their best.
Our ethos is one of inclusion where every member of the community is valued and can be successful.
Nurture is at the heart of our school where support is in place, deployed sensitively, to enable everyone to feel safe, enabling them to learn.
Our curriculum is vibrant and well researched. It is thematic and aims to engage all our learners; each year we have themed weeks that inspire us to new heights across the school. We aim to teach greater breadth and depth to enrich learning and lay strong foundations for the development of future concepts. You will find that our curriculum and ethos is reflected in our bright engaging environment.
Developing a growth mindset is key to the children’s resilience and ability to understand where they are in their learning and what their next steps are.
The word ‘challenge’ is integral to our approach and attitude. This sits well alongside our positivity and ability to empathise with others.
We differentiate through challenge which ensures no child’s learning is capped, and the result is quite the opposite as it opens them up to new opportunities. We aim for profound learning.
Our community feel has strengthened as we have grown in numbers. Teams are built within teams and across the school. Our children look forward to twinning with a different year group class. They learn together and support each other. It is lovely to see older and younger children engaged together throughout the school, whether this be through sharing books and developing reading skills together, supporting each other on the playground or cheering encouragement for each other on sports days.
Our strong partnership with parents is key to the children’s wellbeing and success in school. We strive to work closely with parents at all times and have an active Friends Association.